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Well, where do I start? Ummm….I have boobs from God, he was rather generous if you ask me. That settled, I am permitted to ramble on about my feeling unnecessarily and you are free to pretend you care.  Upside to me. I love unconditionally, as a friend I go beyond the call of duty (just make sure you are not taking the piss!) , I am the joker, I cook and feed people a lot, I love my family, travelling and the cinema. Downside to me. The unknown scares me so I am a planner (Tee Totally hate not knowing), this makes me a worrier, I stand by my moral belief which sometime makes me seem condescending and sort of a bitch (not my intention), I just might talk too much (about nothing!) but only if I know you (be glad you do not), I still think the world is perfect and everyone wishes everyone well (how naive).  What to expect from my blog? Movie reviews, my rambling and my book.  My first attempt at blogging, hope I do it justice.




It hasn’t gone unnoticed that in the last 24 months the number of airplane catastrophe has been significant, with the aviation authority quick to reminds us that flying is still the safest mode of transportation. Our guts feeling begs to differ but our fears isn’t irrational, after all we are only human.
We only hope that for every evil lurking in the shadows there is enough good to vanquish it.
Our role this lent is to be the light were there is none.
Our prayers and thoughts are with the families of those who tragically lost their lives and also the family of pilot Andre lubitz. They will never understand why such a carefree young man who only needed to ask for help didnt  and as such his actions, cost 149 ppl their lives.
I can assure you, no parents raises a child to commit such heinous act, while we all are perplexed his family is tortured. We should reframed from judging and continue to pray for every live that has been lost.
Eternal Rest Grant unto then oh lord, and let your perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls rest in peace. Amen.

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Last week it was so sad to learn of the loss of the Germanwings plane – all those lives so suddenly taken away. Whatever the reason the plane was lost – it is a tragedy for all concerned and for all of us who desire a better world for all. It was deeply sobering to be reminded of the fragility of life and of human beings. I began to ask myself if I could still have faith in the goodness of life. The door bell rang and I opened it to a young couple. I invited them in to sit and talk. They smiled and replied “We don’t need long sister. We have done well at work recently and have earned more than we need and we would like to make a small donation to you. We know you will use it well.” They handed over an envelope and thanked…

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Movie: The Judge

Opening Friday OCT 17!

Opening Friday OCT 10!

Movie: The Judge Cert (UK): 15 Runtime: 142 mins Directors: David Dokins Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall, Vincent D’Onofrio, Jeremy Strong , Dax Shephard, Billy Bob Thornton, Melissa Leo , Leighton Meester , Ken Howard, Emma Tremblay , Balthazar Getty , David Krumholtz, Sarah Lancaster , Grace Zabriskie, Denis O’Hare ,Famke Janssen, Rila Fukushima, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto and Will Yun Lee Reviewer: Ty Synopsis

Robert Downey Jr. stars as a big city lawyer Hank Palmer, who returns to his childhood home after the death of his mother. Hank has to travel home to Carlinville, Southern Indiana a place that holds for him wonderful memories, regrets and misgivings. He is forced to reacquaint himself with his family Vincent D’Onofrio and Jeremy Strong, but it is the relationship with his father that is at the epi-centre of the movie. The admiration hank bores for his dad, who’s attitude toward him was cold and distant. Despite his dad’s lack of affection toward him, Hank steps up when his estranged father, the town’s judge (Duvall), is suspected of murder. Hank must now hold his own against top defence attorney Billy Bob Thornton, whose interest in the case has more of a personal stake than getting justice. Hank set out to clear his father’s name, reputation and discover the truth but along the way reconnects with the family and town he once walked away from years before.

Overall Rating **(2) out of 5

Firstly, I have to point out that if you get together a bunch of outstanding actors, no matter how bad the script the magic happens. Perhaps in glimpses but their calibre will always out shine the script. This seems to be the case here.

Robert Downey Jr. did not possess the vulnerability the role required. His only stand out moment was his scene with Billy Bob Thornton and that is only because he had to be on par with Billy. The anti climatic end (made me a bit teary) but gave a plausible feel to it as suppose to the usual happy ever after which always seem to glorify our screens constantly.

Don’t get me wrong I love Robert Downey Jr but this feature isn’t his finest hour…and a half. I have nothing bad to say about this movie but nothing good either. It won’t be remembered next year let alone in 10 years time.

DVD REVIEW: Motorway


COMING SOON: March 10th


Movie: Motorway

Cert (UK): 15

Runtime: 90 mins

Director: Pou-Soi Cheang

Cast: Anthony Wong,  Chau-Sang, Shawn Yue , Xiaodong Guo, Lam Ka Tung and Michelle Ye

Reviewer: Ty

This movie is described as Hong Kong’s answer to Nicolas Winding Refn’s  2011 smash hit Drive, an impetuous rookie Traffic cop Cheung (Shawn Yue) spends his days poised by the side of the road ready to pursue reckless, speeding drivers and at night practises his driving in his souped up Audi A4. Cheng is always eager to perfect his driving and sometimes makes rash decisions, his more experienced partner L0 (Anthony Wong Chau- Sang) sees himself in the rookie and coaches him.

Cheung soon meets his match in Jiang Xin, a crack escape driver with a penchant to rev up a literal smokescreen, in an extreme manoeuvring drift technique to rotate a car while stationery. Can Chan Cheung also master the technique in order to catch this every elusive criminal?

Verdict: ***(3) out of 5

This film is an amalgamation of drive meets fast and furious, although subtitled nothing is lost in translation you get the story and the action.  The car chase scenes are nothing short of exquisite it made me want to jump in my Kia and drive. Personally I enjoyed the difference this film had to offer, it wasn’t predictable so I enjoy each scene and was excited for the next. This is a very good movie but without the glitz of a Hollywood production its sincerity might be lost to the public.

Shhhh…..Cinema Tickets For Less.



Ty needs you. Are you a movie enthusiast? Do you love films? Well today is your lucky day. I am looking for a like-minded movie fan to join my one-man team. This is an opportunity to voice your opinion about movies (but bear in mind not everybody will agree with what you have to say). You will be required to review at least 2 movies a month. Please note that this job is voluntary and no payment is offered. I do this blog because I love movies and like to share my passion with everyone. Hopefully you feel the same way too. Those interested please contact me @

Ty’s Bargain Advice

Going to the cinema for next to nothing, cost you nothing but planning. Then sit back relax and enjoy date nights or nights out with the friends or family. Here are some of the ticks to get your hands on those cinema deals and free tickets lurking out there….yes absolutely free ticket.

Plan Ahead– Some Cinema offer better deals when you book in advance. Cineworld offers 10% off in house ticket prices when you book online.

Club point– Vue cinema lets you convert your nectar points. 500 point = £2.50. Cineworld offers a similar deal £4 Tesco club voucher = 1 adult ticket, £3 Tesco club voucher = 1 kids ticket and £96 Tesco club voucher = unlimited pass token. Odeon has a premier club scheme that allows you to collect point during each visit. These can be spent on tickets in cinema or online and on a range of tasty Odeon drinks and snacks.

Bargain Days– Most cinema offer discount days, usually Tuesdays. This might vary from cinema to cinema, best to check your local.

Use Concession– Children, teens, students and seniors get reduced prices. If prices are not displayed don’t be ashamed to ask. Most cinemas offer concession prices.

Preview Screening– Most picture houses screen movies before their official release. Sign up to show film first, Studio Canal amongst others and get emails of new movie scoop before they are officially released.

Competitions– Check out competition and offers on cinema website, follow their Facebook and twitter accounts. From time to time tickets and merchandise are offered up for grab. You never know, you might be lucky and find yourself on the red carpet right next to George Clooney…Ou la la

Take a friend for free– We have all heard about Orange Wednesdays. Those on the orange network can get a code by texting FILM to 241. This means you only have to pay for the price of one cinema ticket. This deal gets even better for Cineworld unlimited customers as producing a code means you pay nothing…I repeat NOTHING, so go on take a friend. Oh don’t you just love Wednesdays even more.

Do The Maths– Just because they told you it is a good deal does not make it so. Break the sums down to make sure you are getting a fair deal. For instance on a Bargain Tuesday at Cineworld, Vue (peak) and Odeon (peak) it is cheaper to pay individually for the entire family than taking the family package. Also keep a close eye on those snack combo deals.

Take your own snack– Bring your own drinks and snack with you, and do not feel ashamed.  Even if you think you don’t need it. I have changed my mind so often upon arrival to wanting a snack I want to kick myself for not grabbing one at home. Once the light go out, no one can tell your popcorn is from Aldi. Most cinema allow you this right, Cineworld unlimited customers save 10% on food and drink and this goes up to 25% for premium card holders. All in all, bringing your own snack is still cheaper.

Update: Cineworld has contacted me concerning their food policy and is as follows and is stated on their website. “Cineworld have a strict NO HOT FOOD OR ALCOHOL policy. We reserve the right to refuse customers entry into the screens with hot food or alcohol bought outside the premises. All our cinemas display the necessary signage, advising customers of this policy. As a food operator we offer a wide range of drinks and snacks to satisfy our customers but also protect our cinema furnishings and customers clothing. Not all movie-goers are considerate of others in their snack choices and we have needed to set clearer guidelines on what is appropriate”.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 15.40.24

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 15.40.43

±Prices at the cinema are £2.50 except at: Weston Super Mare (£2), Dundee, Bristol and Belfast (£1.50), Worcester and Dorchester (£1), Dunfermline and Muswell Hill (£3). For tickets booked online, by phone, through the app, or on the mobile site a Remote Booking Fee of 50p applies to every ticket. If you use a credit/debit card to pay for 1 or more tickets in your online booking, Bookit Ltd will levy a single Card Handling Fee of 21p for processing your credit/ debit card transaction.

§ £1 extra for 3D Glasses

All price correct at the time of publishing. Data sourced from Cineworld, Vue and Odeon respectively. 






Cert (UK): 15

Runtime: 134 mins

Director: Steve McQueen

Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Dano, Garrett Dillahunt, Paul Giamatti, Scott McNairy, Lupita Nyong’o, Adepero Oduye, Sarah Paulson

Reviewer: Ty

Before leaving my house to go see this movie, I told myself this was going to be some sort of visual history lesson. I made sure I expected nothing, only willing to learn something.

In the pre-Civil War United States, Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a free black man from upstate New York, married with a wife and two kids. He earned a descent living as a violinist. He was seduced into world of the travelling performance circus by two partners Brown (Scoot McNairy) and Hamilton (Taran Killam). The two men later abducted and sold him into slavery. Facing cruelty at the hands of a malevolent slave owner Edwin Epps (Michael Fassbender). Edwin had an unholy attraction toward Patsey (Lupita Nyong’o), which caused him to take a dislike to Solomon. Solomon struggles not only to stay alive, but also to retain his dignity. In the twelfth year of his unforgettable odyssey, Solomon’s chance meeting with a Canadian abolitionist (Brad Pete) will change his life there after.

 Overall Rating ****(5) out of 5

Sometimes the movie felt slow and dragged out but this never lasted more than a frame or two. Chiwetel performances were absolutely spot on, you felt the emotions and it transported you back in time.

I have to admit I was balling my eyes out, I found some parts too gruesome to watch so every time I felt overwhelmed I either hid behind my hands or just stared blankly at the bottom left of the screen. The subject of slavery in schools has never really been an in-depth topic it is quickly glossed over and that is that. Sort of like It happened, people fought, it was abolished, now lets move on… right?…wrong!

As an educated black young lady with a master’s degree I feel a little ashamed, when I tell you I know more about WWII than I do slavery. Somehow the suffering of millions of black Africans has somehow become diminished so I asked myself are their lives any less valuable?

Steve did a brilliant Job in the postproduction of this movie. This is one body of work to be very proud off. Congratulations





HAPPY 2014

Well by now the Christmas turkey has settled, and the gym sessions are in full swing but fear not. It is not all work, work, work….this makes Jack and Jill very dull people, so Ty is here to give you all the scoop you need to kick back, relax  and drive away the January blues. I have compiled all of the movies expected out this month into an easy list and also what movies to watch out for.

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January spotlight



12 YEARS A SLAVE   Cert (UK)15

Director: Steve McQueen

Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Dano, Garrett Dillahunt, Paul Giamatti, Scott McNairy, Lupita Nyong’o, Adepero Oduye, Sarah Paulson

In the pre-Civil War United States, Solomon Northup, a free black man from upstate New York, is abducted and sold into slavery. Facing cruelty at the hands of a malevolent slave owner, as well as unexpected kindnesses, Solomon struggles not only to stay alive, but to retain his dignity. In the twelfth year of his unforgettable odyssey, Solomon’s chance meeting with a Canadian abolitionist will forever alter his life


January 1st

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Director: Christopher Landon Cast: Carlos Pratts, Richard Cabral, Kimberly Ables Jindra, Eddie J. Fernandez, Jorge Diaz, David Fernandez Jr., Hector Luis Bustamante, Tonja Kahlens, Crystal Santos and Julian Works

Cert (UK):15 Runtime: 84 mins Language: English

January 2nd

Generation Iron

Director: Vlad Yudin Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mickey Rourke, Michael Jai White and Lou Ferrigno

Cert (UK):12A Runtime: 107 mins Language: English

January 3rd


Director: Jithu Joseph Cast: Mohanlal, Meena, Ansiba, Esther, Kalabhavan Shajon, Siddique and Asha Sarath

Cert (UK):12A Runtime: 166 mins Language: Malayalam

La Belle et le Bête

Director: Jean Cocteau and René Clément Cast: Jean Marais, Josette Day, Mila Parély and Marcel Andre

Cert (UK):PG Runtime: 95 mins Language: French

Last Vegas

Director: John and Jon Turteltaub Cast: Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline, Mary Steenburgen, Jerry Ferrara, Romany Malco and Roger Bart

Cert (UK):12A Runtime: 105 mins Language: English

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom    

Director: Justin Chadwick Cast: Idris Elba, Naomie Harris, Tony Kgoroge, Riaad Moosa, Zolani Mkiva, Jamie Bartlett, Lindiwe Matshikiza, Deon Lotz, Terry Pheto and Mark Elderkin

Cert (UK):12A Runtime: 146 mins Language: English

Michael KohlhaasAge of Uprising

Director: Arnaud des Pallières Cast: Delphine Chuillot, Mads Mikkelsen and Melusine Mayance

Cert (UK):15 Runtime: 122 mins Language: French

The Canyons

Director: Paul Schrader Cast: Lindsay Lohan, James Deen, Nolan Funk, Amanda Brooks and Gus Van Sant.

Cert (UK):TBC Runtime: 99 mins Language: English

January 10th

12 Years a Slave Ty’s pick of the month

Director: Steve McQueen Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Dano, Garrett Dillahunt, Paul Giamatti, Scott McNairy, Lupita Nyong’o, Adepero Oduye and Sarah Paulson

Cert (UK):15 Runtime: 134 mins Language: English

1: Life on the Limit

Director: Paul Crowder Cast: Michael Fassbender, Niki Lauda and Mario Andretti

Cert (UK):12A Runtime: 112 mins Language: English

After Tiller

Director: Martha Shane and Lana Wilson Cast: LeRoy Carhart, Warren Hern, Shelley Sella and Susan Robinson

Cert (UK):TBC Runtime: 85 mins Language: English

Bounty Killer

Director: Henry Saine Cast: Matthew Marsden, Kristanna Loken and Beverly D’Angelo

Cert (UK):18 Runtime: 93 mins Language: English


Director: Jason Butler Cast: Iain Robertson, Bella Hessom,Jamie Maclachlan,Lucy Cudden,Teresa Tavares and Marco Costa

Cert (UK):TBC Runtime: 79 mins Language: English

Delivery Man

Director: Ken Scott Cast: Cobie Smulders, Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt and Jack Reynor

Cert (UK):12A Runtime: 104 mins Language: English


Director: Beth B Cast: Rose Wood, World Famous *Bob* , Mat Fraser,Julie Atlas Muz , Bunny Love , Bambi The Mermaid, Dirty Martini, Tigger! and James Habacker

Cert (UK):TBC Runtime: 77 mins Language: English

Kiss the Water

Director: Eric Steel

Cert (UK):PG Runtime: 79 mins Language: English

The Railway Man

Director: Jonathan Teplitzky Cast:  Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman, Jeremy Irvine, Stellan Skarsgård, Hiroyuki Sanada and Tanroh Ishida

Cert (UK):15 Runtime: 116 mins Language: English


The Square (Al Midan)

Director: Jehane Noujaim Cast: Khalid Abdalla, Ramy Essam, Aida Elkashef, Magdy Ashour and Ahmed Hassan

Cert (UK):15 Runtime: 108 mins Language: Arabic

January 15th

Maddened by His Absence (J’enrage de son absence)

Director: Sandrine Bonnaire Cast: William Hurt, Alexandra Lamy, Augustin Legrand, Norbert Rutili and Jalil Mehenni

Cert (UK): TBC Runtime: 98 mins Language: French

January 16th

Devil’s Due

Director: Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin Cast: Zach Gilford, Allison Miller, Catherine Kresge and Sam Anderson

Cert (UK):15 Runtime: 89 mins Language: English

January 17th

Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus

Director: Sebastián Silva Cast: Michael Cera, Gaby Hoffmann, Juan Andrés Silva, Agustin Silva, Sebastian Silva and Sol Squire

Cert (UK):18 Runtime: 99 mins Language: English

The Night of the Hunter

Director: Charles Laughton, Robert Mitchum and Terry Sanders Cast: Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters and Lillian Gish

Cert (UK):TBC Runtime: 93 mins Language: English

The Wolf of Wall Street

Director: Martin Scorsese Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Matthew McConaughey, Kyle Chandler, Rob Reiner, Jon Favreau and Jean Dujardin

Cert (UK):18 Runtime: 180 mins Language: English

Tim’s Vermeer

Director: Teller Cast: Colin Blakemore, David Hockney and Tim Jenison

Cert (UK):12A Runtime: 80 mins Language: English

January 19th

Les Anonymes

Director: Pierre Schöller Cast: Mathieu Amalric, Olivier Claverie, Michel Albertini, Patrick Azam, Bruno Blairet, Fabrice Cals and Yannick Choirat

Cert (UK):15 Runtime: 125 mins Language: French

January 24th

August: Osage County

Director: John Wells Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Cooper, Ewan McGregor, Julia Roberts, Juliette Lewis and Meryl Streep

Cert (UK):15 Runtime: 121 mins Language: English

Dark Days

Director: Marc Singer Cast: Marc Singer

Cert (UK):TBC Runtime: 94 mins Language: English


Director: Isabelle Doval Cast: José Garcia, Audrey Fleurot , Lucien Jean-Baptiste and Gérard Hernandez

Cert (UK):15 Runtime: 102 mins Language: French


Grudge Match

Director: Peter Segal Cast: Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Hart, Alan Arkin, Kim Basinger and Jon Bernthal

Cert (UK):12A Runtime: 113 mins Language: English

Inside Llewyn Davis

Director: Ethan Coen and Joel Coen Cast: Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund and Justin Timberlake

Cert (UK):15 Runtime: 105 mins Language: English

Jack Ryan: Shadow RecruitJack Ryan: Shadow One

Director: Kenneth Branagh Cast: Chris Pine, Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner and Kenneth Branagh

Cert (UK):12A Runtime: 105 mins Language: English


Director: Matt Wolf Cast: Jena Malone, Ben Whishaw and Alden Ehrenreich

Cert (UK):12A Runtime: 78 mins Language: English

The General

Director: Clyde Bruckman and Buster Keaton Cast: Buster Keaton, Marion Mack and Glen Cavender

Cert (UK):U Runtime: 80 mins Language: English

January 29th

I, Frankenstein

Director: Stuart Beattie Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Jai Courtney, Socratis Otto, Mahesh Jadu, Caitlin Stasey and Aden Young

Cert (UK):TBC Runtime: 93 mins Language: English

Out of the Furnace

Director: Scott Cooper Cast: Casey Affleck, Christian Bale, Forrest Whitaker, Willem Dafoe, Woody Harrelson and Zoe Saldana

Cert (UK):15 Runtime: 117 mins Language: English

That Awkward Moment (Are We Officially Dating?)

Director: Tom Gormican Cast: Zac Efron, Imogen Poots, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan

Cert (UK):15 Runtime: 94 mins Language: English

January 31st

Journal de France

Director: Raymond Depardon and Claudine Nougaret Cast: Raymond Depardon and Claudine Nougaret

Cert (UK):15 Runtime: 100 mins Language: French

Lone Survivor

Director: Peter Berg Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Eric Bana, Emile Hirsch and Ben Foster

Cert (UK):15 Runtime: 121 mins Language: English

The Armstrong Lie

Director: Alex Gibney Cast: Lance Armstrong, Daniel Coyle and Frankie Andreu

Cert (UK):15 Runtime: 124 mins Language: English